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Son who’s running the distance of Mt Everest to fundraise following mum’s cancer battle


A man from Penarth ran up and down a local hill ten times everyday in January to fundraise for the team who supported his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer.

James Joseph, 26, aimed to raise £500 by the end of January for the Cardiff & Vale Breast Centre Appeal after they cared for his mum Clare Evans, in 2019. With the additional strain placed on hospital wards during the pandemic and his mum now in remission, James saw the opportunity to help.

He said: “A lot of treatment for people has been postponed or delayed [...] I noticed they were posting trying to encourage people to do fundraising for them, and I thought this is perfect.”

He aimed to run the equivalent of Mt. Everest up and down Custom Hill. He said: “The pandemic happened and all the gyms shut, so really, running was the main thing available to me.”

He thought it was the best time to also “give him a reason to get out of bed in the morning.”


He said: “my mental health’s not too bad but definitely in November and December I was feeling the lockdown blues so I wanted to try and change that around in January.”

Two weeks into setting up his fundraising page, the goal of £500 had been surpassed. He said: “I wasn’t expecting that, I’m trying to push it to a thousand now, which would be nice, I fancy a nice whole number!”

“The sense of accomplishment and knowing this month’s definitely been better than any other January I’ve had, it’s a good feeling.”

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