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19th July 2019

South Wales Police express concerns after local scam calls

BY: Demie Haywood

South Wales Police is urging residents to be vigilant after reports of scam callers targeting people in Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Scammers have been targeting vulnerable older people over the phone - claiming that they owe money and if they do not pay they will be arrested.

Fraudsters are also calling people claiming there has been fraudulent activity on their bank cards and that they need to pay to sort this out.

The HMRC scam call is still being used in which fraudsters claim that a person owes thousands in unpaid taxes and is threatened with arrest if they do not pay.

​Thankfully none of the victims lost any money to the scammers but we are reminding people to be vigilant and not to disclose personal financial information over the phone.

Scam calls were reported to us yesterday from people in Bridgend, Barry, Porthcawl and Maesteg.

Legitimate organisations such as your bank, HMRC or police will never call you asking you to transfer money. Neither will they ask you for your pin or full banking password.

Our advice is to treat all unsolicited calls with caution.

Do not feel pressurised into making a quick decision - a genuine organisation won’t mind giving you time to stop and think.

We would urge you to look out for your loved ones and make your elderly neighbours aware.

If you have received any suspicious calls you can report it on 101 or Action Fraud 0300 123 2040.

Remember our top tips:

▶️ If something seems too good to be true, it probably is

▶️ Banks, police and HMRC will never ask for personal details, bank details, or for you to withdraw money from your account

▶️ Never tell anyone your PIN, and never enter it into a telephone
▶️ Do not feel pressurised into making a quick decision. A genuine organisation won’t mind giving you time to stop and think

▶️ If in doubt, call someone you know personally for advice

▶️ Never click on links included in emails from unknown senders

▶️ Report any suspicions to Action Fraud, or ring 101

▶️ Keep a look out for loved ones. If they receive a lot of post, if their phone is often ringing, if they are secretive about their finances, report your suspicions

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