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Stand Up to Racism group formed in the Vale of Glamorgan


A Stand Up To Racism group has been formed in the Vale of Glamorgan as part of the growing movement of people who recognise that racism is on the rise.

National research shows people are facing increasing levels of discrimination and abuse in the wake of the Brexit referendum.

Never has there been a greater need to unite people to resist and reject the evil of racism, says Stand Up To Racism Vale. 

It said the death of George Floyd galvanised people from all over the world to call out, oppose and reject racism in all its forms. But the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement had seen a backlash from people emerging with Far Right views.

Sadly, a subtler style of racism was also being seen.This included people objecting not only to the BLM movement but also the use of the term Black Lives Matter, often challenged with the ‘All Lives Matter’ chant.

Stand Up to Racism (SUTR) Vale aims to raise awareness of this racism and challenge it within the Vale of Glamorgan while also working with local, national and international campaigns. 

Chair Alison Woolcock said: “The recent complaints by thousands to a dance by Diversity in support of BLM highlights why this campaign is so needed when people can be more upset about a dance than they are by the fact a man was killed.


“Stand up to Racism Vale will galvanise, promote and challenge issues where racism has featured with the view to ensuring that people of colour experience justice and equality.”

Spokesperson Hilary Brown added: “Never has there been a greater need for people to stand together in unity to challenge racism in all its forms. 

“The killing of George Floyd in the US, the treatment of barrister Alexandra Wilson in the British Courts or the treatment of Bianca Williams, 26, a European and Commonwealth gold medallist, and her athlete partner Ricardo dos Santos, 25,  are not isolated instances. They are repeated right on our doorstep.

“Racism exists here within the Vale of Glamorgan and it is right here that it will be challenged and called out. To be able to do that effectively, we need allies who stand with us and stand up for those who have no voice.

“The struggle to combat racism is not a Black versus white people’s struggle.  It is a struggle of all people against racism.”

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