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28th October 2019

Sully Illegal rave under investigation

BY: Nathan Spackman

Police in the Vale of Glamorgan are investigating an illegal rave which was held at a disused warehouse on Hayes Road, Sully on Saturday (26th) night and into Sunday (27th) morning.

Residents shared their anger on social media locally, including via the Sully Village Hub Facebook group with many being kept awake through the night.

Chief Inspector Tony Williams said: “This event was not foreseen and I am aware of the disturbance it caused to local residents and the community of Sully as a whole.

“I want to reassure residents we will thoroughly investigate any reports of proposed illegal gatherings.

“We are continuing to look into the background to this event and will be speaking to the organisers.  Steps will also be taken to ensure such illegal events are not repeated in the Vale of Glamorgan.

“Raves can cause significant disruption to residents in terms of noise, and the nature of the event being uncontrolled can allow elements of public order to escalate.”

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