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Sully Residents Come Together For Flood Clean-Up Operation On Christmas Eve


Residents of Sully are calling for volunteers to assist them in a clean-up operation, as a bout of heavy rainfall hit the Vale village particularly hard, causing flooding on the roads and in homes.

Much of the Vale suffered the adverse effects of the deluge yesterday, with roads across the county left impassable, including Lavernock Road, in the Cosmeston area and Cardiff Road, in Dinas.

However, those on Conybeare Road, Winsford Road and Highbridge Close, Sully, suffered particularly badly, with water making it into their homes and wreaking havoc in the run-up to Christmas.

Now, residents of the village have pulled together to arrange a clean-up operation today, on Christmas Eve, with helpful volunteers offering their services to assist in the task.

The Sully Village Group on Facebook, where the clean-up operation has been arranged, is also calling on those who may have time to spare today, to help them in their efforts. In a post on the group, they say:

"Time to spare on Christmas Eve?????

"If you are able-bodied and have time on Christmas Eve to help flooded local residents attempt to rescue Christmas then please message us directly with the following details:

"Name, Tel No, Number of 'helpers', No of hours available


"Please follow all COVID advice when assisting people in need in accordance with guidelines."

Additionally, members of the Facebook group are asking for assistance in gathering sandbags to protect them from any further damage. A "Yellow" weather warning is in place for the area on Boxing day and the 27th December.

Hannah Bevan Mohaffel, a resident of Sully, has set up a JustGiving page to raise funds to assist those who have been affected by the extreme weather event.

The hastily set up fundraiser has already amassed £4,122 of its £5,000 goal in less than 24 hours, with all the money going to residents who have experienced flood damage. In her most recent update on the post, Hannah said:

"Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far. We are getting more and more reports of horrendous damage to Sully homes. Heartbreaking to see the damage but heartwarming to see the wonderful response from our community."

You can find the Sully Village Group on Facebook, here. Additionally, you can find the JustGiving page raising funds for those affected by the flooding, here.

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