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The Best Categories for Your Virtual Quiz in Lockdown


Socialising is a vital part of human nature but as of late, social distancing has become our norm and it’s a weird concept for us all. Thankfully, we have access to the world through the internet! Since lockdown became mandatory in March, we’ve been grasping at ways to virtually socialise. What better way than an online quiz with loved ones!

Read on for the best categories for your virtual quiz in lockdown.

Choose Your Quiz Platform

Before starting your quiz, make sure you have the right app/website for the job. Here are four options:
● Zoom. Zoom can be used on a phone app or on the laptop/computer site. On Zoom, you can have up to 100 participants for the free plan but be warned it sometimes cuts off after 40 minutes. If you’re lucky though, the host might be offered unlimited minutes for your virtual quiz to run smoothly. Zoom automatically enables the
active speaker so whoever speaks comes on camera but it’s much easier to go into gallery view and see the faces you’ve missed so much. You’ll be given a code/link to send for people to join the call.
● Houseparty. I never heard of this app until lockdown but it’s a fun way to mingle with your friends/family. If you want to use Houseparty on a computer/laptop you must download Google Chrome. The downside of this platform is that you have a limit of 8 people in one meeting. If your party is under 8, make sure you lock the door because anyone can join your meeting without an invitation.
● Google Hangouts. My favourite to use is Google Hangouts because it’s a straightforward process where the host sends a link/email for you to join the video call. You can have up to 10 participants, even if they haven’t got a Google email address.
● Facebook Messenger. If everyone has facebook and you make a group, go right ahead and start your online quiz through that platform. Again though, only 8 people are allowed in the call.

Tips for Your Virtual Quiz in Lockdown

  1. Keep it relatively short. When you’re on a video call with your friends/family, it’s inevitable that your quiz categories will lead off into other subjects and if you have 10 categories it can turn into a long and sluggish night. I recommend doing 4 or 5 categories with around 10 questions per round.
  2. Don’t make the questions painfully hard. No-one wants a quiz where they cannot answer one question and it soon becomes boring.
  3. Don’t make them too easy either. If everyone knows the answers to every question then what’s the point? Mix it up with a variety of categories suggested below and keep the balance between the level of easiness.
  4. Discuss how they can submit answers beforehand. If you’re trusting, you can get them to mark their own work but if you’re strict, get them to take a picture of their answers and send to you for marking.
  5. If it’s an ongoing virtual quiz night, alternate quiz masters so everyone gets a go. Maybe the winner can be next week’s question master.
  6. Make some answers impossible to Google. This makes it fun for participants to think harder and stops any cheaters in the group!

Best Categories for Your Virtual Quiz in Lockdown

Most quizzes will have a general knowledge round and these can contain any question possible in the world but the categories I’m going to suggest for your lockdown quiz are more in depth and easy to take inspiration from. These suggestions have an overarching category, i.e. Music but give you specific spins on a Music category. These are fun for participants as well as for the host to research!

1. Music

The trick with any music round is to make sure you have a clear speaker for the participants to hear what you’re trying to play. Alternatively, you could make a WhatsApp/Facebook group where you could send the clip of whatever you’re trying to play.
The best quiz categories for a music round in your quiz are:
What TV show / Film has this theme tune? - In this round, you can choose 10 TV show or Film theme tunes and play just 20 seconds (ensuring the answer isn’t in the clip) and they have to guess which show/film it’s from.
Name the Song/Artist from Intro - Play just the intro of the song and get them to name the song and artist for double points. What’s the next line? - Play the line of the song and get them to give you the following line. For fun, why don’t you sing the line for them instead!
Name the Song/Artist from Lyric - This one is hard! Say the lyric out loud in a monotone and slow voice without the music/melody and get them to name the song and the artist.

2. Sport

Logo: Which Football Club? - Get pictures of football club logos WITHOUT the football team name and get participants to guess the team.
What’s the real name of the sports person? - Give nicknames of sport stars and get them to tell you who the nickname belongs to.
Who’s the champion? - Give 10 famous sport moments for single sports such as Boxing, Golf, Tennis and get them to name the winner of that particular match/game.
Anagram of Sports - Give anagrams of sport names and get them to find the answer. For example: phji guhm = high


3. Geography
Legalities - Find random and unbelievable laws that still exist and get them to name the country.
Local Geography - Give questions all about your local area. For example, How long was Butlins open in Barry?

Name Meanings - Find out the players’ name meanings in different languages and get them to guess the name. For example, What name means beloved in Hebrew? = David. Mix it up by including surnames too!

4. TV and Film

Guess the Film from the Quote - Give them a famous quote from the film and see if they know which film the quote is from.
Which TV Show is it? - Name one character from the TV show and see if they can guess the show.
Movie Poster - Get pictures of famous movie posters with all writing removed and see if they know the film.
Gavin and Stacey - Who doesn’t love a Gavin and Stacey round? Give them 10 questions that will get them laughing!
Disney - There’s lots of questions you can ask about Disney and you can get two things done by watching Disney films: entertain the kids and revise for the quiz!

5. Personalised
Facebook - Warning: Be careful with this one and make sure no-one gets upset or offended. If you have the time, scroll through Facebook and find an old status, a page like or a photo caption and get the players to guess who said what.
Baby pictures - Get everyone to send you a baby picture of themselves (the funnier, the better) and guess the baby.
Birthdays/Anniversaries - Name everyone’s birthday/wedding anniversary/graduation date/significant moment and see how well you know each other.
Something you’ve all done together - A great chance to reminisce. Ask questions that relate to the whole group. For example, Where did we all go for my 21st Birthday?, etc.

6. The Random Round
Pick a set of 10 completely random questions. These can range from spelling, Welsh translations and planets to gardening, recipe ingredients and animals.

Themed Quiz

A themed quiz always adds a bit of sparkle to the call. You can take these quiz category ideas and slot them into a themed night. Whatever theme you decide, you can give people bonus points for dressing up, bringing a prop, the best quiz team name, creative answer sheets or contributing a story related to the quiz theme! Some themes that are easy to makeshift from home are:
● Decade themed (70s, 80s, 90s, etc)
● Under the Sea
● Safari
● Everything beginning with the same letter
● Town/City themed (for example, Barry Island themed)

You can choose absolutely anything to make it memorable and spruce up your Friday night in! Have fun and stay safe!

By Shireen Ahmed

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