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"The Need To Feed" Lockdown Project Now Helping To Feed 400 Families Every Week


A project set up by local woman, Vicky Louise Lang, in June of this year is now helping to feed approximately 400 families a week, while also supporting women moving from refuge into permanent residencies with furniture, clothing, toys and other essential items they need to begin their new lives.

The "Need To Feed" project was set up by Vicky as an attempt to help those in need during the pandemic by providing them with essential food, sourced from the surplus stock of supermarkets.

Originally assisting a total of 16 families on a weekly basis, the project has grown exponentially since its launch, now supplying over 400 families in need every week with food from 14 different shops.

As well as keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for their food supply service, the 6-strong team of volunteer running the project have branched out into other aspects of care in the community, establishing a number of relationships with other organisations to help those in need.

The group supports Holton Primary School with a nurturing project and are looking to support other schools as well. They have also teamed up with Woodies Lodge Based at Amelia Trust Farm to help Ex veterans and emergency service personnel recently.


Additionally, the group support women moving from refuge into their new homes by supplying furniture clothing toys and essential items they need to begin their new lives and even visit the streets once a month to help provide new clothing; jackets, shoes, socks, hand-warmers, food and essential items for homeless people.

Vicky is now looking to spread the word regarding the "Need To Feed" project so that her group of volunteers can help as many people in need as possible during these tough times.

You can find out more about the "Need To Feed" project on their Facebook page, here.

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