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These are the number of incidents South Wales Fire and Rescue Service expects to attend next year


South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has revealed the number of incidents it expects to attend next year.

A report for the South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority meeting on Monday, February 10 shows the the authority’s expectations for 2020/2021 in relation to the number of fires attended, false alarms, road traffic crashes, special service calls, deaths and injuries and the percentage of house fires kept to the room where they originated.

The number of fires attended in the current financial year of 2019/2020 is currently predicted to be lower than the number recorded during 2018/2019 and the provisional target for next year is 6,043.

For false alarms, the number this year is also set to be lower than last year’s with a projected total for next year of 7,869 and the number of road traffic crashes is also predicted to be lower this year than last year with a target of 1,110 for 2020/2021.

But for special service calls, which are services other than firefighting, the number of incidents this year is due to be higher than last year’s, with 2,276 predicted for the next financial year.


The number of deaths and injuries as a result of fire in 2019/20 is currently predicted to be slightly lower than the number attended last year, with 72 the projected figure for 2020/2021.

The same is true of the number of deaths and Injuries as a result of an accidental fire which is currently predicted to be lower than the number last year with a forecast of 57 for next year.

The percentage of house fires confined to the room where the fires started is predicted to be higher than last year with the target for next year being 84%.

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