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Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month


September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month and Thyroid Cancer Support Group Wales are asking you to check your neck and to see your GP if you are concerned about any lumps you may find.

Thyroid Cancer Support Group Wales is made up of a small group of volunteers - patients and friends - who try hard to make a difference for those who have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, developing new patient materials and assisting with vital research as well as helping them and their families at a most challenging time.

The group, who are the only registered charity in Wales solely designated to supporting thyroid cancer in its various forms, participate in discussions with specialists in this rare form of cancer, which affects people of all ages. The youngest patient they have helped is 3 whilst the oldest is 93.

The work of Thyroid Cancer Support Group Wales does not stop there, with the group helping and supporting thyroid cancer patients in a plethora of ways, including producing national guidelines, ensuring patients get the very best treatment there can be, and sending out information packs to patients, surgeons and hospitals for distribution, with the aim of raising awareness of this rare form of cancer.

The group supports many patients throughout the year, meeting up with some for a chat and a coffee and being a friendly voice for the majority, who just like to pick up the phone and know that there is someone on the end of the line who will listen and try to support them in their most challenging times.


Their “buddy” scheme is always well received and people have expressed their thanks for it, saying how different they felt just knowing there was someone who knew exactly what they were going through.

If you would like to find out more about the work of TCSGW please see our website or telephone 0845 0092737

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