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Tom Auton: 9 till 9 – Review


Tom Auton’s new single 9 till 9 is truly a masterpiece. Like all his other songs, it’s in your face, pure rock and I love it. Every instrument works so well with each other and you can hear everything, from the hard-hitting guitar, to the smooth bass line, all the way to the slick drum beat.

The lyrics are also extremely catchy, after about two listens you’ll be singing the chorus to yourself, and maybe even the verses. If there was a top 40 charts for local music here in Wales, Tom Auton and the Bottle Breakers would be at number 1. It’s that good!

So far Tom is yet to disappoint me and for the 5th time in a row has received a 10/10 from me, or in this case, should I say 9/9…

9 till 9 is available to stream wherever you get your music.

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