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TVC Removals moves to be more sustainable


Local removals company TVC Removals has made significant changes in their business to become more eco-friendly.

TVC Removals have been working with various organisations to help improve their carbon footprint as well choosing more sustainable and eco-friendly products when helping their customer move house.

TVC Removals are a family run business, and are often helping their customers move home in Barry, as well as across Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan. Owners Joel and Damian have been taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and recently announced they are now Carbon Neutral after offsetting the remainder of their emissions for the year through the Carbon Footprint platform. This means that trees will be planted in Kenya equivalent to their annual emissions their business generates. TVC Removals plans to continue doing this each year.

Joel from TVC Removals with their Carbon Neutral certificate

TVC Removals have also moved to using more sustainable packing supplies, by switching their standard packing tape, to an eco-friendly alternative made out of kraft paper. They are also continuing to recycle and reuse their boxes to minimise on waste.


Joel Palmer, co-owner of TVC Removals said “We have always tried to be environmentally friendly, but we wanted to do more. Everyone is being encouraged to be more sustainable, and this shouldn’t stop at businesses, no matter what they do. Whilst a removals company may not typically be an eco-friendly business, we hope our recent efforts will change that, and not only make a small contribution a much wider issue, but also provide customers with an option for a more sustainable company to help them move home or offices.”

TVC Removals are also involved with other local community activities to help improve our environment including helping rangers planting trees in Porthkerry Park in Barry.

For more information on the services TVC Removals provide, please visit or call them on 02920 484148. You can also follow them on social media on Facebook and Instagram. 

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