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Twenty-five flats proposed above recently closed Holton Road shops


Plans for 25 flats above and to the rear of recently closed shops on Holton Road have been submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Council. 

The plans for the upstairs and rear at 81-85 Holton Road, between Newlands Street and Richard Street, had been published before the recent closure of the HSBC bank and Game shop next door. 

The shops are well remembered as the previous home of the Dan Evans Department Store. 

Plaid Cymru Councillor Ian Johnson said that he had been contacted by a large number of Newlands Street residents in recent weeks, most raising concerns about the impact of increased parking on nearby streets. 

Cllr Johnson said: 

“The developer says that this is a sustainable location because it is so close to the centre of town, and so has no need of any parking spaces. 

“However, it seems unrealistic that nobody at all living in the twenty-five flats will have any vehicles. I have asked the Council how they will deal with applications for car parking permits if this proposal is agreed. 

“I have also expressed concern about the noise impact from so many additional residents coming and going. 

“While there are many flats above shops on Holton Road, none are close to this number. I worry that this is an over-development of a small site.” 

The planning application will be decided at a future meeting of the Vale of Glamorgan Council Planning Committee. Residents can send their comments on the proposals to the Vale Council’s Planning Department. 

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