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Ty Dewi Sant Welcomes First Covid-Safe Visit


Ty Dewi Sant Residential Home in Penarth hosted its first Covid-safe visit on Wednesday morning.

The purpose built, single story residential home for older people is situated in Myrtle Close, Penarth and provides accommodation, care and support to their residents.

The home hosted its first covid-safe visitation on Wednesday as resident, Vera Harvey's cousin, Sam, came to spend some quality time with her relative.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council shared the news on their social media pages, saying the pair "spent the morning putting the world to rights".

Though behind protective screens, the two family members were able to see each other face to face and chat.

Sam, Vera's cousin and the first Covid-safe visitor to the home said of the meeting on Facebook:


"It was a delight to see Vera after such a long time. We are fortunate to speak on the phone every day. Mostly about politics because that’s my 98 year old cousin’s favourite subject!"

Another resident of the Vale commented on the Council's Facebook page saying:

"Fantastic to see light at the end of the Covid darkness."

The news comes in the week where it was revealed that Wales is the first UK nation to have vaccinated more than 20% of its population. This was confirmed by the Welsh Government, who also added that the country was one of the first in the world to reach this milestone.

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