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Vale Boy, 5, Who Dreamed Of YouTube Stardom This Christmas Hits Over 100 Subscribers


A young boy from the Vale, Albert Closier-Hawkins, 5, had a unique wish this Christmas. Unlike many of his age, the YouTube mad tot didn't yearn for the latest in toys and games (other than Nerf guns) and what he really wanted was to be famous on the video-sharing website.

The precocious Albert, known on YouTube as "Albert Clohawk" has made a handful of videos on YouTube, with the help of his dad, Ian, over the past year, largely focused on the Coronavirus lockdown and his extensive fancy dress costume collection of over 50 outfits.

WATCH: Albert in action, filming a video for his channel.

With a little help from his parents, Albert hit the 100-subscriber milestone by Christmas and his channel has continued to grow since, but now the ambitious internet star has his sights set on even bigger numbers. Ian, Albert's dad told Bro Radio of his desire to help his son gain subscribers:

"For Christmas, all he wanted (apart from Nerf Guns) was to be famous on YouTube and have loads of subscribers - what he calls fans. I think if he had ten subscribers he would think he was famous! But I managed to get over 100 in time for Christmas Day morning. He was absolutely thrilled!

"I really want to make his dream come true and see if I can make him 'famous' in his eyes anyway.

"It isn't about making money, it's about making his dream come true and as a dad, doing whatever I can to bring that smile on his face.


"Albert is a very special little boy. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is a real chatterbox and a funny little character. He loves to know how things work and has an inquisitive mind."

Ian has even promised to donate £150 to charity on Albert's behalf if he reaches 500 subscribers by midnight on New Year's Eve.

Subscribing to YouTube accounts is free and helps the content creator build their audience online. YouTube content creators are given "Play Button" awards when they reach certain subscriber milestones.

You can find Albert's channel, "Albert Clohawk" here.

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