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Vale Council apologises for inconvenience caused to Vale of Glamorgan Football League


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has apologised for any inconvenience caused to the Vale of Glamorgan Football League, by a broken boiler at Colcot Sports Centre, which was previously declared unsafe.

Speaking on Bro Radio's Vale This Week, league chairman Mark Harvey called on the Council to make the "vital improvements" needed to allow the league to continue to grow, whilst almost 1,000 local residents have signed a petition demanding the change.

The league, which has a long-standing history in the county features 23 local clubs and says the centre is one of the most used sporting facilities in the county, with hundreds of children and adults using it every week.

A spokesperson for the Vale of Glamorgan Council told Bro Radio "We have recently met with the Vale of Glamorgan League to discuss this situation.

"Having previously been declared unsafe, the boiler at the location has since been condemned

"Our property maintenance team are working with external specialist to resolve the matter, which is complicated by the fact there is no gas supply on site.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused and we are keeping the league informed of developments as we work towards a solution."

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