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Vale Council Given £192K To Reduce Flooding Risk In Barry


The Welsh Government has given the Vale of Glamorgan Council £192,500 as a green infrastructure grant to fund the planting of more trees and reduction of concrete around Court Road and Gladstone Road in an effort to reduce flooding in the area.

The money will go towards replacing concrete pavement in the aforementioned areas, with more absorbent grass and trees, which should soak up rainwater and lower the risk of flooding at these key infrastructure points in the town’s road network.

The expectation is that these alterations will significantly reduce the water running downhill towards Weston Square, which was one of the worst hit areas in the town during the flood of 2007.

Councillor Peter King, Cabinet Member for neighbourhood services and transport, said of the grant:

“The council is pleased to have been awarded this funding that will see areas around Court Road and Gladstone Road improved by the introduction of trees and other greenery.


“This could prove to be a blueprint for future highways improvements. The choice of trees will be specific to the location, and where space is limited we propose to plant smaller and less vigorous trees to ensure they establish successfully.”

Flooding has become an issue at the forefront of Vale residents’ minds in recent times, with multiple flooding events taking place in the last two years causing serious disruption and significant damage to property, with the latter experienced particularly in Dinas Powys and Sully in the flood of December 23rd 2020.

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