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Vale Council Light Up Hood Road Tunnel To Celebrate Black History Month


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has lit up the Hood Road Tunnel in Pan-African colours to celebrate and commemorate Black History Month 2020.

The lighting, which was installed in the tunnel back in June of this year, will be lit up in yellow, red and green for the annual observance.

The theme for this year's celebration is 2,000 nations and celebrating diversity. In a post announcing the change to the lighting on their social media accounts, the Council said:

"People of African and Caribbean descent originate from around 2000 different ethnic groups with a range of languages and traditions."


The move has been received well by locals, with one commenting, "love it" while another added, " Love these lights, brought the bridge to life".

Black History Month is observed throughout the month of October in Britain and is designed to highlight and recognise the achievements, contributions and history of black people.

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