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Vale Council Remind Residents To Use Open Spaces Responsibly


The Vale of Glamorgan Council have taken to social media to remind residents of the Vale to use parks and open spaces respectfully, after receiving complaints and evidence of misuse.

Until recently, parks across the Vale have been closed in an effort to dissuade residents from leaving their homes and congregating in these spaces during the Coronavirus lockdown, but as aspects of the lockdown have been eased, the parks have been reopened for those within a five mile radius to exercise in and visit.

Unfortunately, some visitors to the parks of the Vale have not been using these spaces responsibly, leading the Council to write a list of reminders for residents of how to respect the parks properly:

  • "Fires and BBQs are not permitted in the woods or on the main meadow
  • Footpaths through the woods should not be used by cyclists
  • Litter should not be left strewn on the floor
  • We will inform residents when the designated BBQ areas are available again
  • Cyclists are reminded to please only use cycle paths or bridleways
  • Litter should be placed in the bins provided"

Locals reacted to the photos attached to the Council's post, with many users commenting on further evidence they had seen first hand of improper use of these spaces, with one user saying:


"If the bin's full, take your litter home, you took it there, in fact take it home full stop."

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