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Vale Horse riders ask drivers to pass wide and slow


A group of Horse riders in the Vale of Glamorgan are asking drivers to slow down and pass wide, as part of a national event taking place on Sunday.

Over 150 rides across the UK will ride out at 10am on Sunday 19th September, including in Dinas Powys.

Starting at Dinas Powys Common, a group of over 20 horse riders, drivers and walkers from around the Vale of Glamorgan will follow a route around the village, heading back to the common for 11am where they will meet with Jane Hutt MS who is a supporter of the ride.

Speaking to Bro Radio's Vale this week, event organiser Becci Clearly said its important to educate drivers about road safety around horses and for them to pass wide and slow.

"Horses are flight animals, so they'll run off if they are frightened - so if you come up behind a horse its could run off with you."

"Most of the road I ride on are very thin, narrow lanes and nine times out of ten when I go out, I have at least one driver that puts me in a situation that's a bit nerve-wracking, where they either pass too fast or too narrow - I've nearly been hit and a friend of mines pony died on Cardiff Road after being hit by a vehicle."

"The accidents are due to lack of driver education, its not that drivers are malicious in what they do. I really hope this event and raise awareness will help to make it safer for me and other riders."

Vale MS Jane Hutt said "It is great to see more groups coming together to campaign for improved road safety in our communities, something I have been joining campaigners in throughout the summer. It is so important that our roads are safe for everyone; pedestrians, drivers, and riders, and I am looking forward to joining the event on Sunday"

You can find out more about the National event via Facebook.

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