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Vale Mum Sets Up Football Boot Swap-Shop Facebook Page


Sue Watts, a "football mum" from the Vale and Learning Support Assistant at a local school, has set up a Facebook page to help struggling families provide their children with sports footwear.

The page, "Bootaful Sports 4 All", is a free, home-based shop for second-hand, good quality football and rugby boots. Sue cleans all the boots donated to her and gives them to those children whose families are struggling to afford a new pair.

Sue told Bro Radio:

"I've been a football mum and local school LSA now for over twelve years and my husband has always coached children's football teams, so we are a football family and of course go through many pairs of football boots, as children's' feet grow so fast.

"There have been times when we've struggled to keep up with it all (Kits, Subs and fuel costs), And it soon adds up. One of the most expensive things is footwear, which we are sometimes able to hand down to family and friends.

"I briefly saw a gentleman talking on television about something very similar and thought that in these times there are probably other families who were weighing up how they could afford the next pair of boots as they didn't expect their children's feet to grow so quickly Or the parents/guardians who are deliberating whether or not they can afford all the kit if the child is going to give sports a try and decide a week later that the sports not for them, (as I know happens).

"It encouraged me to try and set up "'Bootaful Sports 4 All", a page where people in the local and surrounding areas are able to pick up the next pair of Football/Rugby Boots for their children, I have Infant/Junior sizes through to Teens and Men's sizes. Sometimes it acts like a swap-shop - I've had the outgrown boots given to me and swapped for a larger size which is great to do!"

Sue went on to tell us how the page has been received and how the process works:

"The boots are dropped off to me or I collect them, clean them up if needed and give them all a spray before they're bagged up ready. The word is slowly spreading around and the amount of donations is already fantastic.

"Since I started this site on 24th July I've received over 30 pairs of used, good condition Football/Rugby boots ready to go out to those who need them.

"Through 'Bootaful sports 4 All, families can arrange to collect the size/type they need and I'm also there to assist if needs be, using my past training as a child's shoe assistant with Clarks Shoes. I've already had many people supporting this site from Llantwit and Cowbridge to us here in Barry.

"I'm looking forward to the community's getting behind this idea so we can help as many young people as we can."

You can find more information on the project, which is open to Barry and the surrounding areas, and join the page on Facebook here.

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