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Vale Septuagenarian To Brave The Shave For British Lung Foundation


A Vale resident, Mrs. Ro Newman, 74, will be shaving her head for charity on Tuesday 5th October, the second time she will have done so in the last twenty years.

Mrs. Newman, of Barry, previously shaved her hair to show solidarity and support for a close friend who was going through treatment for cancer at the time. Now she will be repeating the feat in her mid-seventies to raise money for The British Lung Foundation, after having trouble with her health at the end of 2020.

The Vale resident said of her previous fundraising experience and the decision to brave the shave once again:

“The first time was in support of a dear friend who, through treatment for cancer, had lost her hair. I empathised with her feelings of being bald and, in having my head shaved, made a nice amount of money for cancer charities. Now in my mid-70s’ my age, health and lack of mobility have ruled out many of the more exotic and energetic ways of fundraising."

"Having been hospitalised twice in two months at the end of 2020, I was diagnosed with, amongst other things, blood clots in my lungs. My treatment is ongoing and to say a big THANK YOU for my care I would like to raise money for The British Lung Foundation which incorporates Asthma UK. This is the only charity looking after our nation's lungs.

"I fear that one of the legacies of Covid/Long Covid will be an increase in the number of people needing the services of BLF so I know that they will make every pound count in the research and development of new drugs and treatments.
Fundraising has been a large part of my life at Trinity Methodist Church Penarth (now Penarth Methodist Church)."

Ro went on to say:

"I know that so many people have been through difficult times in the last year or so, what with health issues, lockdowns, job losses, and hours and pay cuts. But if you, your family, friends and neighbours could sponsor me and make a donation I, and the BLF, would be very grateful."

The event will be taking place at 3pm on Tuesday, October 5th at The Hair Works in Penarth Town Centre and donations can be made via Ro's JustGiving page, here.

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