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Vale tennis club 'delighted' to open Wales' first Padel court

  Padel lessons on the first court in Wales at Windsor Lawn Tennis Club in Penarth

The Vale tennis club behind Wales’ first Padel court say they are "delighted" to have opened the court this week.

Penarth Windsor Lawn Tennis Club are the first in the country to have a court for one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Anthony Phillips is the former chairman of the club, who has been involved in the plan since the beginning. 

He told Bro Radio’s ‘Vale This Week’ programme about Padel: "It's the fastest growing sport in Spain, it's the second most popular sport after football, it's massively popular throughout mainland Europe and has recently come over to the UK too.

The sport is a mix between tennis and squash, is played within a glass cube court, and is played with a Padel bat and ball.

"We've had great interest from the Spanish contingent in the Cardiff area who are all raving about it!" He added.

The court was paid for in full by Game4Padel and opened to the public last weekend.


Games and can be booked to play on by members of Windsor Penarth LTC and non-members who can book courts and coaching sessions at or 

"It's a much easier game to start off with than tennis" Mr Phillips said.

"With Padel, four relatively inexperienced people can get on the court and have great fun straight away, it's brilliant for people who are just starting off, for young kids, or of course for seniors who don't want to run around a full tennis court anymore".

Some in the sport believe it could be an Olympic event by 2028 or 2032.

Alison and Charlotte Ray playing Padel on the first court in Wales at the Windsor Lawn Tennis Club in Penarth.

Mr Phillips said “There are Padel professionals out there playing for prize money, and we are hosting a professional Padel tournament on the 15th of August, which will be the first tournament in Wales."

You can listen to our full interview with Anthony Phillips on 'Vale This Week' below.

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