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Vale Twins Set To Shave Hair For Charity


Hugo and Jude Pagett have been growing their hair for an entire year so that they can shave it off for charity this July.

The identical twins were keen to grow out their luscious locks so came up with a cunning plan to get what they wanted while raising money for a charity close to their hearts, the Paul Popham Fund.

The Paul Popham Fund is a charity set-up and run by close friends and family of the late and very much-respected Paul ‘Wally’ Popham. The charity aims to improve the quality of life of Renal Patients in Wales, achieved by working with Units and Centres that treat and specialise in Renal Care in Wales to purchase items that will directly benefit the Renal Patient’s quality of life.

As previously mentioned, Hugo and Jude are identical twins but the one thing that separates them is that Hugo was born with Chronic Renal Failure. This means that in the not too distant future he will receive a new kidney from his father.

The boys have already smashed their £500 target, raising over £1,300 from 66 donors at time of writing, but they're still looking for sponsors for what they've labelled their "shavetastic fundraiser". The duo will be shaving their heads on the 11th July.

You can find out more about the boys' fundraiser on their local giving page here.

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