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Vale Waste crews receive abuse following the return of two black bag limit


Waste Crews in the Vale of Glamorgan have received abused from residents following the return of the two black bag limit.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Vale Council said "Our frontline staff have continued to work hard to collect waste throughout the pandemic with minimal disruption. Abuse won't be tolerated."

The two black bag limit resumed from Monday 1st February, after previously being relaxed due to lockdown restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents struggling with the two black bag limit, then the Council may be able to arrange an additional allowance if your household has:

  • Six or more residents
  • Pet waste and bedding
  • Ash from household log burners/fires 
  • Nappies or adult hygiene products
  • Other waste that you can’t recycle or limit to 2 bags.

Those wishing to discuss their needs can contact the Council on 01446 700111.

Residents who are unsure if something can be recycled, can use the Councils A to Z recycling search.

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