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Vale Woman Chosen To Receive Royal Maundy Coins For Exemplary Christian Service

  Credit - Barry Island Historical Group

Carole Braggins, of the Vale of Glamorgan, has been chosen to receive Royal Maundy Money Coins from Her Majesty the Queen for her “exemplary Christian Service in the community”.

Carole, who has lived and worked in Barry all of her life, was nominated to be one of the recipients of the special coins by the Bishop of the local Diocese and has received the special ceremonial tokens and a letter from the Queen as, unfortunately, this year’s Maundy Money event, which was set to take place at Westminster Abbey, had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maundy Money refers to the coins given to elderly people by the monarch in a ceremony that drew inspiration from Jesus Christ and the commandment he gave after washing the disciples feet and it’s roots in British monarchy stem back to King John in the year 1213, but became a more regular practice during later years. There are as many recipients of the coins as there are years in the sovereign’s age.

Carole’s association with the church she has dedicated a lifetime of service to, St. John Methodist Church, began when she was christened there as a baby.

Beginning as a Sunday School Teacher, Carole quickly became a Youth Club Leader, before being confirmed at the church at the age of 18. Then, aged 21, Carole married Tony Braggins in the St. John’s and became a Trustee of the church and the bungalow, which is now known as St. John Care Home.

Carole is now Acting Senior Steward and remains a trustee of the Church and the Care Home. Additionally, Carole has been a volunteer at Amelia Trust Farm for 30 years.

The news of Carole’s royal recognition was first shared on Facebook group, “Barry Island Historical Group” who said in a status on their page:

“Everyone in the Group would like to congratulate Carole on receiving this very prestigious award. The award is thoroughly well deserved. It is a great shame that Carole was denied the opportunity of meeting HM The Queen in person at Westminster Abbey.”

Members of the group reacted to the news with positive messages, with one saying:

“Many Congratulations Carole. So well deserved. It not only shows how much you have been dedicated to you faith but to St John Methodist Church. The people of Barry Island thank you for what you do. God Bless You.”

You can find the Barry Island Historical Group on Facebook, here.

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