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Vale's Biggest Radio Show: One day, sixty local voices


Bro Radio is set to host the County's biggest radio show on Monday 15th June, as part of its launch on 100.2fm in Llantwit Major and surrounding areas.

The Vale's Biggest Radio show is hosted by the local community, with the day featuring over sixty local voices ranging from individuals, community groups, politicians, charities and even a famous face or two!

Listeners will be guided through the day, by some of Bro Radio's presenters who will also share how lockdown has affected their own lives.

Airing on Monday 15th June from 10am until 8pm, participants were given the opportunity to record their two minute messages, sharing details of their lockdown experiences, the challenges they, their organisation or business have faced and even sharing what they've learnt or achieved during the recent months.

Hayley Peachey from Barry has written her own poem about lockdown which will air on the day.

Stories featured as part of the Vale's Biggest Radio show include a welcome to Llantwit Major from the Towns Mayor, poetry written in lockdown by Hayley Peachey, messages about mental health, shopping local and even a song written by a local man for his partner, who is a key worker.

You can hear the Vale's Biggest Radio show on Bro Radio from 10am until 8pm on Monday 15th June 2020 and get involved on social media using @broradio and #ValesBigShow

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