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Volunteer Group Collect 39 Bags of Rubbish From Gileston Beach


A voluntary beach cleaning group collected 39 bags of rubbish from Gileston Beach, near St Athan, yesterday.

the group of 32, lead by Trevor McGarrigle, collected the vast quantity of detritus from the beach, while remaining socially distant throughout.

Trevor took to social media to update locals of the group's activities and thank all the volunteers for their hard work. He said:

"Thanks to my group for cleaning Gileston beach near StAthan. We had 32 volunteers, we collected 39bags of rubbish. Vale life magazine and the coast guard was there. We kept apart spread along an empty beach keeping to distance guidelines. Amazing job by everyone im so proud of everyone. Thanks to all from Volunteer Beach Clean."

We reached out to Trevor to learn more about the group he runs, "Volunteer Beach Clean" and how he usually operates and collects volunteers. He explained:

"I advertise normally through Facebook the amount of volunteers can vary from 20 - 35 people. We meet up normally every month. I have a great group of volunteers. I've got a core group of normally 15 people who regularly turn up. I'm sponsored by SAS INTERNATIONAL of Bridgend and Fonmon Castle near Rhoose. We had 32 volunteers today which took 39 bags of rubbish off Gileston beach near StAthan. I would like to thank everyone who attended. Vale life magazine and the Coastguard also was at the beach."


We also asked whether 39 bags of rubbish was more than usual. Trevor said:

"We normally would pick up about 20 bags of rubbish but because of the coronavirus lockdown the amount of rubbish which washes up on to the coast is more because we were not able to go down while we were on lockdown."

You can join the Volunteer Beach Clean group on Facebook here.

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