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Welsh Conservative Leader says “This Senedd Election is the most important we’ve ever seen”


Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies has said “It’s time to turn the page and change our country for the better.” in a speech broadcast on the Welsh Conservative Facebook page today.

According to the Financial Times, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price is not planning to make a referendum on independence the price of a power-sharing deal with Welsh Labour, with Andrew RT Davies saying “Because 22 years of one party running Wales – propped up by their little helpers on the left in Plaid Cymru – isn’t healthy.”

Despite criticism of the Welsh Governments response to the relaxation of coronavirus lockdown rules the Welsh Conservatives leader has said “That’s not to say everything Labour has done has been bad. Far from it and it would be wrong to suggest so. There’s been some notable successes such as the plastic bag levy and organ donation.”

He did criticize the Labour in our areas including the economy, NHS and Education – where the Conservative say they “haven’t been good enough”

We have the powers to improve our NHS. But Labour have left 1 in 5 people stranded on a waiting list.

We have the powers to properly fund our schools. But Labour have chosen not to and left Wales at the bottom of the league table.

We have the powers to improve people’s wages. But Labour have failed to do so and a Welsh worker now takes home around £2,500 a year less than our Scottish compatriots, despite being on the same wage in 1999.

Now, I know some people in Wales believe devolution has failed to deliver the bright new dawn people were promised 20 years ago.

Andrew RT Davies, Welsh Conservative Leader

In his speech broadcast at lunchtime on Wednesday, the Welsh Conservative Leader set out “building a stronger economy” as his top priority.

Welsh Conservatives Top priorities:

  • Creating 65,000 more jobs.
  • Delivering a better NHS with five new hospitals, 1,200 extra doctors and 3,000 new nurses.
  • And giving our children the education they deserve with 5,000 extra teachers.
  • Independence would put our recovery after coronavirus at risk.
  • A strong economic recovery is dependent on being part of one strong United Kingdom.

With a growing Independence and Abolishment campaign, the Welsh Conservatives have a clear view on devolution “It’s no more powers, no more politicians, no more taxes, no more constitutional chaos.”

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