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Welsh Conservatives call for plan to end lockdown rules


Welsh Conservatives have called on the Labour-run Welsh Government to publish a detailed plan for the restoration of freedoms and releasing of restrictions in Wales.

It comes as First Minister Mark Drakeford has helf off lifting restrictions amid concerns over the Delta variant, which has been confirmed as the dominant strain in all. health board areas.

After the most difficult period the country has experienced in peacetime; the Welsh Conservatives say families, schools, workers and businesses are crying out for clarity on the Welsh Government’s plan.

Governments in Scotland and England have published details but so far, Labour ministers in Wales have chosen not to do so.

Latest modelling shows the vaccines are working and two doses of the vaccine are just as effective against hospital admission with the delta variant as with the alpha variant.

Latest data on hospitalisations (30 June) shows 26 confirmed COVID cases in Wales, 22 suspected cases and 38 recovering cases. This is the lowest number of COVID hospitalisations recorded since the beginning of the pandemic, whilst there have no deaths reported by Public Health Wales since 23 June.

Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies, has called on the administration in Cardiff Bay to be straight with the Welsh people and provide ‘clarity, hope and their plan for the restoration of freedoms in Wales.’

Davies said: “Thanks to the great work of our NHS and volunteers, we have made phenomenal progress with our vaccination programme, protecting more and more lives every day.


“The UK Government’s decision to procure swiftly – away from the constraints of the EU scheme – has allowed us to safely release restrictions and progress towards the greater freedoms that we can enjoy today.

“Progress was halted by the delta variant, but the vaccines are working, and the latest modelling shows that two doses of the vaccine are just as effective against hospital admission with this variant as with the alpha variant.

“Given the data, it’s important the Welsh Labour Government now provides families, schools, workers and businesses with their plan for restoring all freedoms and releasing restrictions in Wales, as has been seen in Scotland and England.

“Sadly, the Welsh Government is stuck in lockdown mode and can’t shift gears into recovery because it means actually having to tackle some of the issues that Labour have failed to tackle over the past two decades.

“Instead of treating the Welsh people like children, the Welsh Government needs to talk to them like adults. People will understand that no date ministers choose comes with zero risk for Covid. Sadly, it can’t be eliminated and moving forward we will have to learn to live with it like we do with other viruses.

“But after the most difficult time in our peacetime history, the end is in sight. As such, we believe it’s now the right time for Labour ministers to provide the country with clarity, hope and their plan for the restoration of freedoms in Wales.”

Restrictions in Wales will be reviewed again in a fortnight, with any further easing due to be announced on 15th July - no dates have otherwise been set.

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