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Work begins on £240,000 Cosmeston Play Area Upgrade


Work will begin tomorrow on a new £240,000 play area at Cosmeston County Park with the play area remaining closed for 10 weeks whilst work is completed.

The work will include removing all of the existing equipment, installing new surfacing, fencing and play equipment, which will be installed on the current footprint.

The upgrade was announced back in March this year, following the Council describing the area, with its iconic Pirate Ship, has been described the Council as being in an overall poor condition, with much of the equipment described as "very poor" and in need of urgent upgrade.

A final design was revealed in August, with the revamped area has a castle climbing frame centrepiece, with a vast array of play equipment surrounding it, including swings, a seesaw and a slide.


The design was positively received by many residents on the Council's post, with one Facebook user saying:

"Oh yes please, it’s well overdue for an upgrade. This looks fab."

The completed play area is expected to be opened in early 2021.

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