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Young people prepare for the return of the music industry in Wales.


One year after music venues were forced to close in Wales, a group of young people have come together to prepare for the music industry’s resurgence by creating a free, digital Welsh music industry conference called Summit.

As part of the music project, Beacons, a group of four young consultants, recognised that there is a need for support for young people wanting to get into the industry after lockdown. After the careers of many artists were put on hold for a year, this is a great way for them to reconnect with the ever-growing industry and gain insight on how they can work within it.

With a number of music professionals from local bands, to PR representatives, content creators, and more, Summit covers every aspect of the industry and has talks from the likes of Ellie Wood (Mondaay Media), Casper James (Telgate), Lloyd Best (Dead Method), Ellis Lloyd Jones (Tiktok sensation).

Alexandra Jones, one of the organisers of Summit said:“It’s been a rubbish year for the music industry, and especially for young people like me who want to start their careers but have had to put it on pause. We’re hoping that Summit will help people to feel hopeful for their future in music.”


Summit will take place online from Friday 9 April to Sunday 11 April and showcase a wide range of experts who work in a number of crucial areas that will help the industry to get back on its feet including, social media, songwriting, A&R, taste-making, side hustling, PR and more.

For more information and to get your free ticket, visit

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