Written by Nathan Spackman

Bounce back with Bro Radio

7th April 2021

What a 12 months this has been.

Non-essential retail, close contact services and hospitality businesses have been open, shut, open with arrows on floors, only 2 people allowed in, shut again and offering delivery services.....it sure has been a rollercoaster.

But now, (maybe) we have an end in sight as we head into a new normal.

On Monday (12th April) non-essential retail and close contact services will be able to reopen their doors for the first time since December and here at Bro Radio we wan to help you remind our listeners about your business.

To help Vale Businesses bounce back, we are offering a very special offer. A five week campaign to remind our local communities what you do and why they should support your business.

Campaign details:

  • 5 week on air advertising campaign
  • Production of a 20 second advert
  • Aired 5 times daily between 7am & 9pm (plus more through the night)
  • Premium listing on Bro Radio Business Directory
  • Cost: £225

About Bro Radio:

  • Each month we reach 24,000 local listeners.
  • Bro Radio has the largest social media following of any media organisation based in the Vale of Glamorgan.
  • 50,000 people reading local news via our website every month
  • A typical listener is aged between 25-55, with a broad social demographic mix.

Want to find out more? Email sales@broradio.fm or call 01446 420 681.

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