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Barry Town Utd Offer Help To Those In Need


In a post on their Twitter account, Barry Town United have offered their assistance to those in need during these uncertain times.

The tweet from the JD Cymru Premier League team said: " For all our older & at risk supporters we are here for you.

The club continued: "If you need us to collect groceries, prescriptions, take your car for an MOT at RIM Motors (obviously) then there will always be someone at the club who can help just reach out."

The team find themselves at the start of an unexpected break as the FAW postponed all domestic football in efforts to quell the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Barry Town Clubhouse added to the twitter message by offering a free hot drink to anyone working for the NHS or the emergency services, describing the offer as: "just a little thank you from those at Barry Town United."

The club joins a long list of groups, businesses and volunteers offering any help they can to combat the Coronavirus.

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