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Barry Town UTD To Let Fans Choose Away Kit Colours


The JD Cymru Premier's Barry Town United are allowing fans to choose the colour of their Away strip, setting up a poll on their website offering the choice of Red or Black.

Credit - Barry Town United

This follows the club revealing their new home shirt for the upcoming season which gives supporters the chance to have their name, business, school or club woven into the fabric.

The choice between red or black is more than a beauty contest, with both colours holding some significance in the club's history.

As stated on their website, United have enjoyed a good amount of success wearing red kits in the past, with 2020 marking 75 years since the club's first ever Welsh Cup final win against Chester in the colour. Red has also been a feature of a few more kits linked with success, such as the 1993/94 season when the team picked up another Welsh Cup win and their most successful European campaign to date in 1996, where a triumphant Barry side defeated both Dinaburg and Budapest Vasutas in the UEFA Cup. Red was also the away kit for Manager, Gavin Chesterfield’s first season in charge in 2007/08.

Credit - Barry Town United

On the other hand, Barry Town United's squad have worn a black kit throughout pre-season in the last two years, and this shirt has proven popular and generated significant sales. Though it is not as soaked in club history as the other choice, this could be a chance to make new history in an all new kit.


Fans have until midday on Monday 15th June to choose their favourite voa the poll on the website. Following this, the club will reveal the winner.

You can have your say on Barry Town United's new away kit here.

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