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Cardiff Devils' Elite League Cancelled Due To Virus


Cardiff Devils' Ice Hockey League, The Elite League, has cancelled all matches for the rest of the season with immediate effect.

A statement on the Devils' website says that league chiefs had hoped to go on as normal, following the government's advice yesterday which allowed sporting events to continue.

However, since then, two teams in the league have reported that they have players in self isolation, purely as a precautionary matter, but even so, bosses have decided that the safety of the fans, players and staff is paramount and takes precedent over the continuation of the league's games.

The statement on the Cardiff based Ice Hockey team's website says: "In the wake of that news the Elite league has no choice but to shut down the rest of the season and whilst the outcome is sure to disappointment fans across the country there was no alternative in these unprecedented times.

"We are confident everyone will understand the rationale behind the league’s decision."

This comes as the English Football League has today announced that all fixtures will be postponed until April 3rd.

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