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Junior Results Extra: 07.09.2021 - 09.09.2021


The Vale's local junior leagues kicked off in midweek with the first round of matches - as part of Bro Radio Sport's expanding online coverage, we'll be offering a comprehensive results service.

Vale of Glamorgan Premier League
Under 16s
Cowbridge 3-1 Dinas Powys
Cardiff Airport 10-0 Llantwit Major Junior
Penarth Town Raiders 0-0 Cogan Coronation
Penarth Town Wolves 0-13 Island Marine
Peterston Super Ely 2-3 Barry Phoenix
Sully Sports 10-0 Inter Penarth

Vale of Glamorgan JFL Championship League
Under 14s

Dinas Powys United 3-6 Fonmon Castle
Island Marine 4-2 Inter Penarth
Llantwit Major Junior 7-2 Cowbridge Bulls
Sully Sports Blue 0-14 Sully Sports Whites

Cymru Reserves League South Central
Cardiff Met 4-0 Caerau Ely

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